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Payroll Management And Recruitment

P Payroll Service is a crucial role for any business. Any organization must have enough knowledge and a clear understanding of how to manage their employees payroll. Online payroll services include all financial records of salaries for an employee, allowances, bonuses, and deductions in the company. .

Fathalla Solutions has developed its flexibility to employ various methods according to the client needs.

Online Payroll Service Providers has many unique advantages as mentioned below:

Time and Money Saving
Saving penalties for non-compliance
Lower Risk Potential
Direct Deposit of the pays
Latest Technology used in the system
Process Analytics
Process Capabilities
Data Confidentiality

Fathalla Solutions staff are experts in managing and handling:

Employees’ social insurance
Monthly calculation of social insurance
Registration & opening Insurance files of the employees & preparing form S1
Reporting of social insurance as per client`s needs
Printing Social Insurance form S2
Employees exit from social insurance & preparing form S6
Preparing & delivering semi-annual social insurance forms
Annual Reconciliation

Work Permit & Residency visa:

Enlighten the clients of all the essentials of work permit extraction.
Arrange the required documents for work permit & residency visa.
Facilitate the extraction of work permit for foreign nationals.

A Attendance Management A necessity for any company is to ensure they have an accurate attendance management system. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs. Our cloud payroll software does all this and more. So if you’re looking for that perfect solution for all your HR needs, You can rely on us. . .

Attendance Processing
View real-time attendance info
Configure attendance the way you want it
Real-time reports

Salary (Payroll) tax calculations
Once tax performance is put under a microscope, you need precise knowledge & latest facts.
When you face a new & unfamiliar challenge, you need confidence that comes from experience.
If you seek transparency, you need a steady trusted hand

Salary (Payroll) tax services include:
Calculating of monthly salary (payroll) tax accurately according to the income tax law.
Dealing with tax authority on behalf of the client.
Foreign experts salary (payroll) tax handling.
Annual Salary (payroll) tax settlement

Labor Office

Issuing work permits for foreign employees.
Calculation & payment of monthly cheque for emergency relief fund.
Monitoring, completing & maintenance of employee personnel files in accordance with the labor office.
Managing handicapped persons record.
Attending the labor office inspection & prepare company defense in case of employees complain.
Issuing employees contracts & renewal & advising the line managers with the probation period dates according to labor office.
Handling all formalities for hiring, resignation & termination.
Managing vacation record of the employees.
Preparing memos & calculations of employees` final settlement.
Manage the final clearance process & form completion.
Preparing the admin policy.