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F Fathalla Solutions is one of the leading consulting firms in calculating zakat accurately on business activities according to Sharea`a. Fathalla Solutions are able to restructure your firm’s financial transactions and accounts to be in line with Zakat based upon the client’s financial data We gave the hand to many companies, institutions & individuals in calculating zakat on accurate basis in the Middle East, Europe, USA & Australia. . .

Types of Zakat:
Zakat On Money, Gold, Silver, Shares & Jewels (Al-Mal)
Zakat On Trading Offers (Orood Al-Tegara)
Zakat On Cattles (Al-Ana`am)
Zakat On Crops (Al-Zorooa & Al-themar)
Zakat On Rentals & Estate (Al-Mostaghallat)
Zakat On Minerals & Treasures. (Al-Rikaz)