Payroll & Benefits Management

Payroll & Benefits outsourcing services have a crucial role in business. Any organization must have enough knowledge and a clear understanding of how to manage their employees’ payroll. Payroll services include all financial records of salaries for an employee, allowances, bonuses, and deductions in the company. Outsourcing payroll to a trusted partner can lead to a real value by allowing you to concentrate on solving challenges and meeting business goals. Our Payroll service suits all businesses operating in Egypt, regardless of their legal form, size or industry.

Payroll Outsourcing Services has many unique advantages:

  • Time and Money Saving
  • Saving penalties for non-compliance
  • Lower Potential Risk
  • Direct Deposit of the pays
  • Latest Technology used in the system
  • Process Analytics
  • Process Capabilities
  • Data Confidentiality

We are experts in managing and handling:

  • Employees’ social insurance.
  • Monthly calculation of social insurance.
  • Registration & opening Insurance files of the employees & preparing form S1.
  • Reporting of social insurance as per client’s needs.
  • Printing Social Insurance form S2.
  • Employees exit from social insurance & preparing form S6.
  • Preparing & delivering semi-annual social insurance forms.
  • Annual Reconciliation.

Salary (Payroll) tax calculations:

Once tax performance is put under a microscope, you need precise knowledge and latest facts. When you face a new and unfamiliar challenge, you need confidence that comes from experience. If you seek transparency, you need a steady trusted hand. Salary (Payroll) tax services include:

  • Calculating monthly salary (payroll) tax accurately according to the income tax law.
  • Dealing with tax authority on behalf of the client.
  • Foreign experts’ salary (payroll) tax handling.
  • Annual salary (payroll) tax reconciliation.

Attendance Management is a necessity for any company to ensure they have an accurate system. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs. Our cloud payroll software does all this and more. So, if you’re looking for that perfect outsourcing solution for all your Payroll management needs, you can rely on us.

Attendance Processing

  • View real-time attendance information.
  • Configure attendance the way you want it.
  • Real-time reports.

Benefits & Features

  • Payroll rules are set to align with the client’s human resources policy and calculation methodologies.
  • Standard regular payroll reporting such as gross to net, reconciliation, variance and payroll master reports.
  • Total flexibility, ranging from integrating payroll specific rules during setup, payroll processing dates, company specific calendar, bank disbursement options, multi-currency payments, encrypted payslip distribution through unique login details, a self- service portal and more.
  • Custom-made reports setup with a dynamic report writer.
  • Scalable service – allows companies to run multi-country payrolls, each compliant to that country’s legislations, with the option of individual and consolidated reporting.
  • Privacy & confidentiality.
  • Latest technology tools for securing data.

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