Manpower Planning

The first function is all about knowing the future needs of the company. What kind of talents does the company need, and how many? Knowing this will shape recruitment, selection, performance management, training and development, and all other people operations functions. Planning focuses on where the company is today and what it needs to be successful in the future. To be more specific, manpower planning is a strategic decision-making process and envisions the future of a company. 

Fathalla Solutions will help you to achieve optimum use of your company’s most valuable asset, quality employees. Quality employees are an important investment for any business as they allow companies to remain both productive and profitable.

There are four general steps in the Planning process: 

  1. The supply analysis, also referred to as the “supply model” is to identify and analyze the current supply of employees.
  2. The demand analysis, also referred to as the “demand model,” includes a review of future business plans and objectives as well as to determine the future of the workforce and Forecast labor requirements in different areas. 
  3. The gap analysis compares the differences in the supply and demand models and identifies skill surpluses and deficiencies and balances between them to match the projected labor demands with adequate supply.
  4. Solution analysis involves the development of strategies to create plans that support the company’s goals and key objectives.

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