Training & Development

Fathalla Solutions has strong training programmes to train the employees and upgrade their knowledge and learning abilities since one of the best ways to build your future workforce is through training and development. 

We provide employees with the tools necessary for their success which, in case of on-boarding, means giving new employees extensive orientation training to help them adapt with the new organizational culture.

Training is a strategic and mandatory procedure to understand the company’s goals, operations and future plans thereby aligning the employees with the company’s objectives.

Outsourcing training & development will give your company the time and effort to focus on more technical issues within your business.  

Benefits & features

  • On-boarding new employees and providing resources for continued development is a key investment for organizations.
  • Providing training opportunities (internal training, educational programs, conferences, etc.) to keep employees up to date in their respective fields.
  • Leadership training for newly hired and promoted supervisors and managers.
  • Skill enhancement and adapting to newer technologies.

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