VAT record keeping
& Refunding

Fathalla Solutions introduces the VAT record keeping & refunding service, which is an outsourcing solution to obtain. Keeping proper VAT records ensures you have a record of all the output tax (i.e. VAT on sales) you charged, as well as the input tax (i.e. VAT on purchases) you have paid. As well as ensuring you comply with your legal obligations, maintaining accurate and current VAT records makes it easy to complete your VAT return and get the VAT you paid back. The books and records maintained by the business must be kept up to date and made available if requested. We help you claim the VAT paid on the expenses like hotel accommodation, exhibition/conference and event fees, professional fees, etc.

For our clients, according to each country’s local tax authority; we take the hassle away from the company by offering a full refund service whereby our tax experts will assist your company to specify all relevant invoices on which VAT can be claimed free of charge.

Our company has an international Value Added Tax Recovery for corporate companies around the world who have foreign Travel payments and foreign vendor payments to United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Benefits & Features

  • Cash back maximizes your VAT refund, while reducing your administrative effort and costs to a minimum.
  • We place exceptional emphasis to provide first-class personal customer service.

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