Transfer Pricing

Our team is well experienced in preparing Transfer Pricing documentation studies inside and outside Egypt. We have access to the financial information of more than 17 million companies across the globe that helps us to prepare reliable benchmarking analysis for all of your company’s transactions. 

Companies that actively pursue outsourcing the transfer pricing service, in order to devote more time to grow their business, are just in the right place at the right time.



  • Gain access to the same source of benchmarking data as world tax authorities.
  • We utilize the foremost comprehensive and up-to-date source of company data for transfer pricing research accessible on the worldwide market. The access to financial data of millions of companies over the globe enables us to plan solid benchmarking analysis for all of your company’s transactions.


  • Identifying and understanding of transactions among related parties (types, volume, pricing mechanisms, contracts).
  • Analyzing the functions performed, risks assumed and assets used by the company in order to understand its business model and role within your group.


  • Defining and evaluating transactions among the related parties in your business.
  • Potential risk assessment.
  • Analysis of existing transfer prices policies which are in place within your group.


  • Preparation of local documents on the basis of relevant regulations, in specific countries.
  • Preparation of all relevant documentation to endorse the transfer price method applied.
  • Regular updating of the relevant documents.

Local representation

  • Representation in front of the tax administrator.
  • Obtaining approval of the transfer price method chosen.
  • Defend the transfer pricing strategy developed during tax audits conducted by tax administrators.

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