Bookkeeping and management accounts

Working globally usually faces common obstacles which are to meet objective quality under cost control. Why add extra-fixed costs while you can accredit a professional entity to perform these operations. Fathalla Solutions introduces the Bookkeeping & Management accounts service at the highest quality using the experiences of determined staff with the support of the best programs to ensure quality served. Our service is suitable for any business that seeks to outsource the bookkeeping function, while taking care of core business activities. Our Services Include:

Bank reconciliations

  • Receive bank and credit card statements via scan, email or fax.
  • Download statements directly from websites.
  • Update ERP System records daily.
  • Reconcile balances against statements.
  • Proactively monitor cash flow.

Accounts payable

  • Receive vendor bills via scan, email or fax.
  • Enter vendor bills.
  • Electronically archive vendor bills.
  • Record payments to vendors/suppliers.
  • Apply payments to correct invoices.
  • Periodic vendor/supplier balance summaries.
  • Periodic Accounts Payable aging reports.

Accounts receivable

  • Create Customer Invoices.
  • Print, email and fax invoices.
  • Electronically archive all invoices.
  • Record payments from customers.
  • Apply payments to correct invoices.
  • Periodic customer balance summaries.
  • Periodic Accounts Receivable aging reports.

Financial reporting

  • Income statement / Profit & Loss statement.
  • Balance sheet / Statement of Financial Position (SFP).
  • Statement of cash flow.
  • Statement of changes in equity.
  • Footnotes to the financial statements.
  • Accounts Payable aging.
  • Accounts Receivable aging.
  • Reconciliation.

Benefits & Features

  • We never have to be physically present at your site as we can access your QuickBooks desktop via an online system remotely or virtually over the Internet.
  • Many small businesses are already leveraging our high-quality and low-cost services.

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