Performance Management

Performance management is essential in ensuring that employees stay productive and engaged. It is also an instrument to close the gap between the workforce you have today and the one you want to have tomorrow. The aim of performance management systems is to ensure productivity under a set of tools. 

At Fathalla Solutions we outsource the best performance management process which includes:

Performance goals for individual employees should ideally align with organizational goals in other words aligning employees’ activities with the company’s mission and goals.

In addition to focusing only on a few major goals during a single year, the goals should be SMART:

  • Specific, clear and understandable.
  • Measurable, verifiable and results-oriented.
  • Attainable, yet sufficiently challenging.
  • Relevant to the mission of the department or organization.
  • Time-bound with a schedule and specific milestones.

Performance review is the process of evaluating an employee’s progress toward goals: Strengths and weaknesses of all employees are recorded on a regular basis so that the company can make informed and accurate decisions regarding an employee’s contribution, career development, training needs, promotional opportunities, pay increases and other topics.

Several types of performance review systems are: Ranking, forced distribution, 360-degree feedback, competency-based, management by objectives, graphic rating scales and behaviourally anchored rating scales.

Defining job-development plans: The use of a performance improvement plan (PIP) can range from employees who may be new to a role or who have unclear vision of performance expectations to employees who are regularly falling short of meeting performance expectations.

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